Extremely happy with the Kevlar Hoodies! We had a great ride back to SA (from Moto GP) wearing them – awesome product. 31/10/14

Hey guys bought a pair of the roadskin jeans. Comfortable as when on the bike and just walking around. Great product, keep it up. Will recommend for sure. Thanks again!! 28/10/14

G’day David.
Just letting ya know that your gear saved my ass….literally.
Doing 80 k’s, the ladder bounced off the ute in front of me and yep, copped it. Jumped on the brakes but it was to late. Hit the ladder at around 75 k’s.
Hit the ground, slid, 180’d and stopped. Don’t even know how long it went for. Couldn’t of been happier with myself for wearing the right gear and was even f…..g happier that the gear that I bought did what they were supposed to.
The denim ripped at the knee(had the knee protectors) frayed a bit at the end. Kevlar lining had nothing. Zip.
The hoodie damaged up on the right sleeve. (Had the elbow protection)
Sleeve come up a bit from the force of impact so got some gravel rash on my lower forearm, but otherwise that was it. You’ll see on the photo how bad the sleeve was and how bad my forearm could of been.
Thank God the product was a quality product. Look at the photo of my boot. Wore it down and through. Put a hole in it. And the jeans copped F*#& all, realistically. The jeans were the “paranoid” range. Nothing wrong with being a bit paranoid.
Hope you can make out the photos.
Thanx again David. 24/9/14.

Super happy with the hoody!! Well worth it!! Cheers mate! 11/6/14

Hi David,
Sorry for the late reply, but I received the Jeans and Gloves a few days after your email…and all I can say is that are amazeballs! I was waiting for you to stock the gloves and very happy that I did.
I will make sure to share your page on Facebook and advise everyone to stop by your site first for all their Kevlar needs.
Thanks, and keep up the great work with these products! 7/5/14

Outstanding customer service today at the Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Show.
Very friendly staff.
(Plus Free body Armour with Kevlar Hoody).
Don’t walk past the Grinfactor (stand 340). 16/11/13

Is the Roadskin hoodie better than other Kevlar hoodies?

I reckon so. I’ve seen a few of these new-age Kevlar bike garments, and the Roadskin hoodie is an outstanding example of its kind. It is certainly a quality product. No doubt about it. 28/09/2015